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Hi Xaris333, and welcome! Feel free to point us towards the article you mentioned. Now I've got to let you know this wiki is slightly in decay these days, there's very few regular contributors, and even less who are actually fluent in Wolof (I'm a novice myself)... So there's few chances it will be actually translated, unless it's of major importance maybe. --JimeoWan (xëtu waxtaanuwaay) 14 Ut 2014 à 14:35 (UTC)

Hello. I want you, if you have time, to translate the introductory paragraphs of en:Nea Salamis Famagusta FC and create the article in your wiki. Xaris333 (xëtu waxtaanuwaay) 14 Ut 2014 à 21:03 (UTC)
Sorry but as I said, I don't have the knowledge to do it. Besides, this wiki doesn't even have a page yet for any football club or even the football sport itself, so it seems a bit weird to translate a page for a Cyprian club, even a major one! --JimeoWan (xëtu waxtaanuwaay) 14 Ut 2014 à 21:09 (UTC)