Dear Jusjih,

thanks for your e-mail, I endorsed the bureaucrat responsability on wo.wikipedia in 2011, mainly for 2 reasons :

- I understand a bit the wolof language (i was able to edit articles and communicate with the 3-4 users present on wolof wikipedia)

Now, got a new job and a child, giving me few free time.

- They were no bureaucrat at that time, someone was needed to organize the communauty.
- They were noone to do the link between wo.wikipedia and meta, when we needed a steward for doing a job (e.g. rename a user name, give bot flag),

it was taking a long time.

I agree that bureaucrat is a responsability, not a title, and i never claimed so. Just i do not see any reason to reconsider the present situation, it is wo.wikipedia and not en.wikipedia : they are few users and few activity on it, so few to do. I did the main job 4 years ago. At least one bureaucrat is needed on this wiki to keep an eye time to time on that wiki (that's what i do). And to keep a bureaucrat (even sleepy) does not bother anyone, Note that there is no activity at that time (i.e. edit of articles) so i do not see what to do for the moment. And it is most of the time like this. Note further that to edit wolof articles is not easy as very few people contribute. I advised you to try (i could manage to edit with time but you need to learn a bit the language). Most of people complete their user page in english saying that they are sysop elsewhere, and that's it. No contribution so far on the articles content. Best regards. Guérin Nicolas (Xëtu waxtaanukaay) 30 Maars 2015 à 10:38 (UTC)