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The philosophy of Confucius emphasized personal and [[government]]al [[morality]], correctness of [[social relation]]ships, [[justice]] and [[sincerity]]. These values gained prominence in [[China]] over other doctrines, such as [[Legalism (Chinese philosophy)|Legalism]] ({{lang|zh|法家}}) or [[Taoism]] ({{lang|zh|道家}}) during the [[Han Dynasty]]<ref>{{Harvnb|Ban|111|loc=[ vol.56] (Chinese language only)}}</ref><ref>{{Harvnb|Gao|2003}} {{citation needed|date=November 2010}}</ref><ref>{{Harvnb|Chen|2003}}{{citation needed|date=November 2010}}</ref> (206 BC&nbsp;– AD 220). Confucius' thoughts have been developed into a system of philosophy known as ''[[Confucianism]]'' ({{lang|zh|儒家}}).
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