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:Thanks for your hint. I've fixed my bot and done a bugfix request by the pywikipedia framework to repair the behavior of other bots too. --[[User:Xqt|Xqt]]<sup> ([[User talk:Xqt|xëtu waxtaanuwaay]])</sup> 3 Mee 2009 à 11:57 (UTC)
::Thanks a lot :) - I made already corrections ([http://wo.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Bagdad&curid=5349&diff=36397&oldid=35171 example]) but i cannot ensure that everything is ok now. [[user:Guérin Nicolas|Guérin Nicolas]] <sup>([[user talk:Guérin Nicolas|Xëtu waxtaanukaay]])</sup> 4 Mee 2009 à 20:00 (UTC)
:::I didn't found any in the article namespace [http://wo.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?ns0=1&ns7=1&search=Waxtaani+dencukaay&title=Jagleel%3ACeet&fulltext=Advanced+search&fulltext=Erweiterte+Suche] --[[User:Xqt|Xqt]]<sup> ([[User talk:Xqt|xëtu waxtaanuwaay]])</sup> 6 Mee 2009 à 04:28 (UTC)