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11 Disembar 2020 à 15:12 (UTC)
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== Moving Wikimania 2021 to a Virtual Event ==
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[[File:Wikimania_logo_with_text_2.svg|right|alt=Wikimania's logo.|75px]]
''{{int:Hello}}. Apologies if you are not reading this message in your native language. {{Int:Please-translate}}. {{Int:Feedback-thanks-title}}''
[[:m:Wikimania 2021|Wikimania will be a virtual event this year]], and hosted by a wide group of community members. Whenever the next in-person large gathering is possible again, [[:m:ESEAP Hub|the ESEAP Core Organizing Team]] will be in charge of it. Stay tuned for more information about how ''you'' can get involved in the planning
process and other aspects of the event. [ Please read the longer version of this announcement on wikimedia-l].
''ESEAP Core Organizing Team, Wikimania Steering Committee, Wikimedia Foundation Events Team'', 27 Samwiyee 2021 à 15:16 (UTC)
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